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The antipode of a point on Earth is the point diametrically opposite it—where you’d end up if you dug a tunnel straight through the Earth. Most land is antipodal to the sea. Above is a map showing antipodal points, with the overlap (orange) showing places where, if you did manage to dig straight through our planet, you’d end up on land. As you can see, if you want to dig straight to China, you better start in Chile or Argentina. Parts of Spain are antipodal to parts of New Zealand, a fact exploited by the first “Earth Sandwich”, a response to a challenge by Ze Frank.


Student Asking for Notes Learns He Missed Final

Warning: this image will give students nightmares.


Hunger Games PSAs

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Pinnularia sp.


The Science of Partying

I’m well-versed. Have a good weekend!

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On September 28, 1928, Alexander Fleming accidentally discovered penicillin. He was investigating the properties of staphylococcus bacteria and, after returning from a vacation, discovered that one culture had been contaminated by a mold, and the bacteria surrounding the mould had been killed. Fleming named the mold’s secretions penicillin, and discovered that it was effective against a number of diseases. He was awarded the Nobel prize in 1945 for his discovery.


Cinderella Fail 

If this was Peter Pan, I’d say he forgot his fairy dust. Since it’s not I’m going to blame poorly defined deltoid muscles.


Cat vs Hair Dryer

Loser has to take a bath with their owner’s no-goodnik husband.

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